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Hofner Violin Bass

Original 1963 Hofner Violin Bass.

Model - 500/1
Serial No: 271 (Selmer)
Made in Germany
Condition: vintage, well preserved.  Excellent working condition.
All original parts.


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The now famous Hofner Bass guitar Model 500/1, which had been produced for the European market since 1956, was finally introduced to the UK by Selmer (importers) in 1963 as the Violin Bass.  This was obviously prompted by the demand created by The Beatles' success.  This instrument was identical to the 500/1 model, except that it had a Selmer serial number stamped onto the rear of the headstock.  These basses are near EXTINCTION and there is probably less than 20 worldwide.  Very rare to find as most of them are owned by collectors.




Hofner Violin Bass

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For Sale

This is a re-issue of the 1962 bass guitar regarded by the music industry as the most iconic bass in the world and closely associated with Paul McCartney with the Beatles .
The instrument is excellent condition aesthetically and playability.

Please email or call for price. Free delivery within Australia.